Better Spices with No Gluten

Honestly, most herbs and spices do not have gluten to begin with when they are in their natural forms. Gluten is a protein that comes from grains like wheat and barley, not from plants that herbs and spices are made from. At the same time, spice blends can have gluten ingredients.

Gluten Chemicals

When you hear of the better gluten free spices, you are hearing about the ones that are made without chemicals derived from gluten. Believe it or not, the infamous chemical MSG is often made from hydrolyzed wheat protein and sometimes from other sources.

In fact, there are other chemicals that may taste really good but they are made from wheat gluten and they will cause anyone with a gluten allergy to have a bad reaction.

Better Spices

The best spice blends will be made with whole herbs and spices rather than any kinds of chemicals or fillers. You can find them and they will only have plant based ingredients and you will see no chemical names. Plus, they have no wheat extracts as fillers or extra flavorings so they are safe for everyone.

The Fresh Difference

The reality is that the chemical “spices” that you find in many of the blends are not fresh at all. They rely on artificial flavorings to create what you think is a good taste but really it is just a chemical buzz. On the other hand, when you have real herb and spice blends, you get the real fresh taste of live food.

gluten free spices

It is only when you are using the best natural spice blends that you get the best flavors in your food. This is because they are hand blended, fully nutritious, and the way nature intended. You can count on the better companies to make the best spice blends without any gluten at all.